Wednesday, February 21, 2018

BNSF to spend $260 million in Illinois, Oklahoma this year

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BNSF to spend $260 million in Illinois, Oklahoma this year BNSF

BNSF plans to invest $260 million in its Illinois and Oklahoma network as part of its $3.3 billion 2018 capital plan.


As with is previously announced plans for Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Montana and Washington state, the focus of the state programs will be on maintenance.

The railroad has spend $1.2 billion in Illinois during the past five years to maintain its infrastructure and plans to spend approximately $150 million in 2018. The work includes more than 650 miles of track surfacing and/or undercutting work, replacing nearly 30 miles of rail and 250,000 crossties.

"Illinois is a vital link in BNSF's 32,500- route mile network and a key interchange point with other railroads enabling us to serve customers in Canadian and eastern U.S. markets. In total, nearly 2.9 million carloads and intermodal units are shipped to or from Illinois every year, making operating a safe and efficient rail network a priority in the state," said Jason Jenkins, general manager of operations, Chicago Division.

Slightly south and west, BNSF plans to spend $110 million in Oklahoma, where the railroad has invested $630 million in the past five years. The 2018 state program includes approximately 620 miles of track surfacing and/or undercutting work, as well as the replacement of nearly 30 miles of rail and more than 230,000 crossties. The Class 1 also plans to install a new siding near Hopeton, Okla., on the Avard Subdivision, which runs between Avard and Tulsa.

"Each year, BNSF hauls approximately 28,000 carloads of wheat, corn, soybeans and other agricultural products from Oklahoma to domestic markets and to the ports for export. We also move the fertilizer that helps those crops grow, in addition to consumer products, construction materials and energy products," said Janssen Thompson, general manager of operations, Red River Division. "The maintenance projects BNSF has planned for this year will help ensure the safe and reliable movement of freight in Oklahoma and our entire rail network."