Monday, May 14, 2018

Port of Quebec receives federal funds for wharf, rail and road upgrades

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Port of Quebec receives federal funds for wharf, rail and road upgrades Port of Quebec

The Port of Québec will receive CA$15.5 million (US$12.1 million) from Canada's National Trade Corridors Fund to upgrade port infrastructure including rail.

Three projects at the port will benefit from the funding that officials say will "help local businesses compete by moving local goods to market and by making improvements to port infrastructure."

The first project is in the Anse au Foulon sector. The infrastructure in this sector was built almost 100 years ago. Officials explain that port operations that take place there require an efficient transportation network and infrastructure adapted to the needs of export businesses. This project aims at increasing the efficiency of both the existing rail transport infrastructure and the road infrastructure by upgrading them. At the same time, the electrical network and the water system will be upgraded. This port sector holds great potential for the export of Canadian goods.

A second project, in the Estuaire sector of the Port of Québec, will repair the drawbridge structure, motors and gears to give the drawbridge at least 30 years of useful life.

The third project will restore strategic infrastructure in the Anse au Foulon and Beauport sectors of the Port of Québec to address the deterioration of the wharves. The project is expected to have significant economic and employment benefits by creating 300 full-time jobs during construction.

"Our government is investing in Canada's economy by making improvements to our trade and transportation corridors. We are supporting projects that will efficiently move commercial goods to market and people to their destinations, stimulate economic growth, create quality middle-class jobs and ensure that Canada's transportation networks remain competitive and efficient," said Canada Minister of Transport Marc Garneau.

In mid-April, another provincial port, the Port of Montreal, also received a grant to optimize its rail network.