Thursday, December 28, 2017

Canada, Ontario commit funds to freight rail study

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Federal and provincial funding has been committed toward freight rail analysis of Ontario's Peterborough-Toronto-Havelock-Blue Mountain corridor.

The government of Canada and the province of Ontario are each contributing CA$65,000 (US$51,599) for the Peterborogh-Toronto Freight Rail Analysis project, which will define freight infrastructure requirements and outline the projected economic impact of potential future freight rail improvements along the rail corridor. Specifically, the project will evaluate the benefits and impacts associated with enabling increased freight rail capacity along the corridor.

Officials say the funds will build on economic and engineering work already completed and that modern and efficient transportation routes are crucial to encouraging and supporting economic activity, facilitating trade and creating jobs.

"I am pleased to see the support for developing a project to increase freight rail services throughout the Peterborough-Toronto-Havelock-Blue Mountain corridor. This is an important step to ensure reliable freight service in our community," said Jeff Leal, member of Provincial Parliament for Peterborough.