Friday, September 08, 2017

MTA cleans up with Keep it Clean initiative

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MTA cleans up with Keep it Clean initiative Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo revealed a new initiative to discourage subway littering. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will run a public awareness campaign for the Keep it Clean initiative.

"Littering is not only illegal but dangerous and directly causes hundreds of thousands of delays, inconveniencing millions of New Yorkers," Gov. Cuomo said. "This initiative will help stop littering-related delays at the source, improving reliability and helping the MTA deliver the subway service that New Yorkers deserve."

In addition to the campaign, Gov. Cuomo has directed the Department of Environmental Conservation to double the penalty for littering in the subway system from $50 to $100 to take effect in six days.

MTA says the Keep It Clean initiative supports its water management and debris removal work previously announced in the Emergency Plan. To increase system reliability, MTA is performing preventative water and trash removal between stations, eliminating dirt and trash accumulated from over a century of the system's operation.

MTA will also seal 4,325 leaks with chemical grouting, clean street grates, which when clogged allow water to enter the subway and clean under-the-track drains. This initiative has already recovered 2.3 million pounds of trash and debris, including 70,000 pounds in a single day at Carroll St. Station in Brooklyn.

Portable jetters, vactrons and portable vacuums are being used to 10 of MTA's priority corridors, which cover 286 miles (43 percent) of the mainline track.

"Littering in subways isn't just rude, dangerous and illegal. It's un-New York and it makes everyone late, including you," says one of the "Our MTA" public service announcements. "Garbage can cause track fires and flooding, resulting in major delays. Plus, added enforcement means littering will cost you a $100 fine. So do your part as a good New Yorker and dispose of waste properly. Keep New York moving. Remember: it's our MTA."