Thursday, June 29, 2017

New York area transit takes steps to increase rail safety

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Strukton Rail’s ZKL 3000 RC shunting device in operation. Strukton Rail’s ZKL 3000 RC shunting device in operation. Strukton Rail North America Inc.

A New York area passenger transit has acquired Strukton Rail North America Inc.'s remotely controlled ZKL 3000 RC shunting devices.

Strukton Rail says the transit agency will use the rail tech to further improve the safety of its track workers, while reducing downtime of the network.

Although Strukton didn't specifically name the New York transit agency, New York City Transit (NYCT) recently launched a pilot program to test and evaluate new technologies that provide a warning when people or objects enter onto NYCT's system's tracks.

"Interruptions of train operations will be kept at a minimum thanks to this increased safety and efficiency," said Strukton in a release.

The ZKL 3000 RC is a preinstalled shunting device from Strukton's technology partner Dual Inventive. The company says the device supports safe and efficient track access for railroad workers by allowing authorized workers to remotely activate and deactivate the shorting action. Once installed, the shunt removes the need to enter the track to place or remove shunting devices. An app on either a smartphone or tablet is used to operate the ZKL 3000 RC.

Strukton explains how the device works: When switched, ZKL 3000 RC simulates a train in the section, causing the track circuit to show 'OCCUPIED', thus placing the protecting signals at danger. The section is immediately blocked, enabling rail workers to perform work on the track in a safe and efficient way.