Monday, March 05, 2018

Reinforced Earth brings T-WALL® into family of products

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Reinforced Earth brings T-WALL® into family of products Reinforced Earth

T-WALL®, formerly supplied by The Neel Company, and The Reinforced Earth Company (RECo) announced that they have consolidated operations effective Jan. 26, 2018.



RECo said it is excited to add T-WALL® to its assets.
"T-WALL® has been a staple in the highway and railroad construction industries for three decades and RECo looks forward to adding the T-WALL Retaining Wall System to our family of proven retaining wall solutions," RECo said.

T-WALL® provides a gravity retaining wall system, which the company said includes modular precast concrete units and select backfill.

"The system is a simple, proven solution for grade separation on highway, bridge, railroad, water, commercial applications and more," RECo said.

The concrete units form the shape of a "T" by facing with monolithic perpendicular stems, the company said. The stems stabilize the wall and provide pullout resistance against the lateral earth pressure exerted on the back of the facing, resulting in a modular gravity structure and no requirement for mechanical connections.

T-WALL units come in three sizes, depending on the application, wall size and other criteria. Each unit type accommodates varying stem lengths, as well as extended height and sloped tops for the uppermost wall course, the company said. A range of standard and custom architectural treatments can be applied to the front face.

The company also said the units are easy to install and the top units can be cast with integrated coping.