Wednesday, July 05, 2017

MTA opens rehabbed South Ferry Terminal

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MTA opens rehabbed South Ferry Terminal MTA

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) re-opened the South Ferry Terminal Complex July 2, marking a major milestone in its Superstorm Sandy recover and resiliency efforts.

The South Ferry Terminal's electrical and mechanical systems were completed destroyed when 15 million gallons of salt water entered the station during the storm in October 2012. Waterfilled the entire station from the track level to the mezzanine and caused extensive damage to critical equipment throughout the station, which sits a few hundred feet from New York Harbor.

"In the hours and days after the storm hit, New Yorkers were reminded just how vulnerable we are to Mother Nature and how dependent the region is on the MTA," said MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota. "That's why our efforts to harden the system to guard against these vulnerabilities is so critical – not only for the transit network infrastructure itself, but for the regional economy and more than eight million customers who rely on us each today."

The $369-million Fix and Fortify project hardened components, such as vents, manholes, hatches, conduits and air ducts, to prevent water ingress, retractable flood doors at station entrances and 6,000-pound steel marine flood doors throughout the station were also installed. The overhaul removed damaged equipment and replaced track, signals, power cables and electrical equipment, upgraded telecommunications systems, as well as other improvements.

"Like the World Trade Center a few blocks away and the Sandy-ravaged neighborhood surrounding it, South Ferry Terminal has risen from disaster after disaster," said MTA Interim Executive Director Ronnie Hakim. "The new South Ferry is a beautiful, convenient station with state-of-the-art resiliency features built in to protect it from future storms, and improves service with its full-length platform and easier transfer between the 1 and R and W lines."

In addition, the air-circulation system was replaced and the station is now fully air-tempered – keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

"The newly rebuilt South Ferry Terminal has been fixed and fortified with extraordinary measures to protect the waterfront station from flooding," said Acting New York City Transit President Darryl Irick. "Not only has the station been restored after being destroyed by Superstorm Sandy, but it's now better protected than ever with movable marine doors, tunnel barriers and 1,500-gallon-per-minute water pumps, among other innovative improvements."