Friday, May 12, 2017

Union Pacific to invest $41 million in Oklahoma rail infrastructure

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Union Pacific (UP) will invest approximately $41 million in its Oklahoma rail infrastructure as a part of the Class 1's $3.1-billion capital plan.

UP says the Oklahoma investment plan funds a range of initiatives including $40 million to maintain railroad track and $626,000 to maintain the state's bridges. Key projects include an $8 million investment in the rail line between Parsons, Kan., and Big Cabin, Okla., to replace 62,431 crossties and install 28,642 tons of ballast and a $7 million investment in the rail line between the Oklahoma state line and Gore to replace 53,308 crossties and install 24,247 tons of ballast.

The $41-million investment in Oklahoma's infrastructure is a part of UP's ongoing investment strategy. From 2012 to 2016, the Class 1 invested more than $236 million to strengthen the state's transportation infrastructure. UP plans to spend $3.1 billion across its network this year. The company has invested $51 billion since 2000, contributing to a 40-percent decrease in derailments during the same time frame.

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