Thursday, November 02, 2017

voestalpine Nortrak, NICE Rail Products launch new composite crosstie line

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voestalpine Nortrak, NICE Rail Products launch new composite crosstie line voestalpine Nortrak Inc.

voestalpine Nortrak Inc. and NICE Rail Products have launched EvertrakTM composite crossties.

The companies say the partnership to develop Evertrak™ ties is the result of many months of customer input, research and testing. The product line consists of standard crossties, turnout ties and specialty ties for bridges, tunnels and grade crossings and is suitable for interspersing with wood ties, especially in areas of termite infestation, salt water intrusion or soft sub-grade.

"The partnership with NICE Rail Products provides superior production technology and an excellent source of recycled glass fiber and recycled plastic. This is what makes the Evertrak tie so robust and able to withstand the rigors of installation and years of service in the harshest conditions," said Nortrak CEO Dave Millard. "We believe that it is a great fit with Nortrak's product line of special trackwork, concrete crossties and concrete turnout ties."

NICE Rail Products President Matt Moore added, "Our patent-pending technology to create true composite railroad ties will divert hundreds of millions of pounds of plastic and never-before recycled waste fiberglass from the landfill and after decades of service, Evertrak ties will be recycled into new ties."

The companies said that Evertrak ties will be manufactured in St Louis, Mo., beginning in 2018, with expansion to follow.