Pennsylvania North Shore Railroad Now Serving New Propane Terminal

Written by David C. Lester, Editor-in-Chief
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North Shore Railroad

The Pennsylvania North Shore Railroad is now serving a new 240,000-gallon propane terminal in Northumberland, Pa., which opened on Nov. 22.

The North Shore Railroad is a short line interchanging with Canadian Pacific and Norfolk Southern. The railroad opened for business in 1984, and operates a former Conrail branch line. It is 49.8 miles long. The North Shore infrastructure is owned by SEDA-COG JRA.

There are five additional short line railroads affiiliated with the North Shore, including the Nittany & Bald Eagle, the Shamokin Valley Railroad, Union County Industrial Railroad, Lycoming Valley Railroad, and the Juniata Valley Railroad.

Button Oil & Propane, which operates the new terminal, is privately owned by the fourth generation of the Button family. The company entered business in 1933. It delivers butane for manufacturing, as well as propane for commercial and residential customers.

North Shore’s chief marketing officer, Todd Hunter, said “It was mid-2019 when Ed Button walked into my office to have our first discussion about his concept for a pressurized gas transload terminal. After over 2,000 emails and countless phone calls and meetings since then, we arrive here today, at this beautiful state-of-the art facility.”

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