Wednesday, September 27, 2017

MTA wraps up Metro-North Hudson, Harlem Line track improvements

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 A file image of crews working on the Metro-North Hudson Line. A file image of crews working on the Metro-North Hudson Line. Patrick Cashin/MTA

Following completion of recent track improvement projects, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Metro-North Railroad will begin schedule changes to certain Harlem Line and Hudson Line trains on October 8. All new fall schedule adjustments are three minutes or less in effort to improve on-time performance.

Metro-North crews undertook an 18-week comprehensive track improvement project that took one of three tracks between Mount Vernon West and Crestwood out of service, reducing operating capacity. To address the reduced track capacity, schedules of a small number of peak-period trains were temporarily adjusted, mostly between one and six minutes.

Metro-North crews completed the track project on schedule and made extensive upgrades to the Harlem Line, including: replacing more than 1,900 ties, resurfacing track, replacing almost 1,200 feet of rail, putting in stone ballast, drainage improvements and general clean-up of the area along the tracks.

With the completion of the project, all three tracks will be back in service, and Metro-North will restore all previous peak-period schedules, reducing the running times that were lengthened due to the track work.