Metrolinx GO Trains Now Using Elevated Davenport Diamond Guideway

Written by Kyra Senese, Managing Editor
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The Metrolinx Davenport Diamond Guideway project has hit a key milestone.

The new elevated guideway, which is located above several busy streets and the Canadian Pacific rail tracks, is now used by GO Trains.

By allowing GO Trains to seamlessly run above existing traffic, the project will alleviate congestion and enable additional pedestrian and bike connections. In the future, the guideway will allow for more regular, two-way, all-day service on the Barrie Line, a release said. 

A recent weekend track closure on the Barrie GO Line allowed crews to make the necessary connections to the existing mainline track at the north and south ends of the project. One connection took place south of Bloor Street and the other north of Davenport Road.

With the new west main line track being functional, the temporary diversion track can be decommissioned and removed.

After the temporary track is removed, crews will be able to complete construction on the remaining bridges, walls, multi-use paths, and track work for the future east main line track.