Utah exploring new passenger line; could it choose high-speed rail?

Written by RT&S Staff
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The Utah Transit Authority has one commuter train connecting Ogden to Provo.

Utah is talking about high-speed rail, but the walk could take years to complete, if not decades.

Gov. Spencer Cox announced the idea during his October monthly news conference, going as far as to say high-speed rail in Utah is a long-term target.

Other passenger line services also are being explored in the region. Utah, Nevada, and Idaho DOTs may look into a rail line that would connect Boise, Salt Lake, and Las Vegas. Utah Transit Authority’s commuter train service has a line connecting Ogden to Provo.

According to UTA’s James Larson, discussions about a high-speed rail line have been going on for the last three years, but no money has been dedicated for a study, which could cost hundreds of millions of dollars. Hundreds of miles of new track would be needed for such an endeavor, but Larson said Utah’s vast rural landscape could be the perfect landing spot for high-speed rail.

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