Canadian Pacific

Lac-Mégantic bypass work continues

Nine years after the July 13, 2013 crude oil train runaway wreck at Lac-Mégantic, Quebec that claimed 47 lives and destroyed much of the village’s downtown, the Government of Canada and Transport Canada continue preliminary work on building a bypass rail line.

CP work stoppage continues in Canada (UPDATED)

A shutdown of Canadian Pacific (CP) train operations began March 20, following an ongoing dispute between the Class I railroad and the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC). However, on Day 2, the parties remain at the bargaining table.

Disastrous flooding cuts Vancouver off from rail, road service

Food and toilet paper have been stripped from grocery store shelves across British Columbia as panic buying follows the realization Wednesday, Nov. 17 that the previous day’s Biblical flooding means road and rail connections with Vancouver and southwestern British Columbia could be disrupted for months.

CN suffers derailment believed to be caused by a washout

On Saturday, July24, a Canadian National train hauling 99 cars derailed, putting a locomotive and 24 empty intermodal cars on the ground near Pointe au Baril, Ontario. A washout is considered the most likely cause, and two crew members received minor injuries.